Our Product

It enables business users with no coding skills to create computer vision solutions and later scale them in the cloud.

For Business Users

We enable business users to create computer vision solutions on their local desktop and tablet devices and later scale them in the cloud. Everything is done via a beautiful user interface.

For Developers

For developers we offer an SDK which enables them to step on our product as a platform and develop new more specialized solutions.


We offer a marketplace where clients can buy pretrained computer vision modules for various use cases. For example a retail chain can buy our queue tracking module to detect how long people spend waiting in queues in their brick-and-mortar stores and where the bottlenecks are.

Our Motivation

Corporations are struggling to adopt computer vision solutions that could boost their productivity due to a number of factors. We want to help.


Developing AI solutions from scratch requires very specialized know-how which most companies do not have internally. Fortunately, with our product they do not need it anymore.


AI solutions are developed by machine learning engineers which are very hard to hire. Our product enables business users to create AI solutions on their desktop or tablet device.


Building a working AI solution requires a lot of experimentation and large innovation budget. With our product, corporations can use pretrained computer vision modules.

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